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AddResponse App Software And OTO Upsell by Cyril Gupta

– Best Add Your Facebook And Instagram Money Posts To Monitor And Automatically Sanitize All Comments Using Our Powerful AI addResponse App Software And OTO Upsell by Cyril Gupta is Add Your Facebook And Instagram Money Posts

To Monitor And Automatically Sanitize All Comments Using Our Powerful AI. In a nutshell, AddResponse review is powered by a powerful AI engine that keeps learning from the comments it gets and keeps improving.

You will get only better and better results as the AI profiles your customers and recognize what you don’t want. Add your Facebook and Instagram money posts to monitor and automatically sanitize all comments using our powerful AI. Powerful web based SAAS that you can use from anywhere. 

AddResponse – Powerful comment management & AI based comment filtering for Facebook & Instagram


  • Squeeze Out More Sales & Conversions From Your Ads With One Simple Change
  • Dragging Them Down?
  • Imagine Every Dollar Spent On Social Marketing Driving You More Trust & Sales 24/7
  • Want To Sell More? Boost Trust & Drive More People To Your Site
  • Keep Your Trust Ratings High & You Will Automatically Sell More
  • Traffic Goes Up With Better Engagement Using addResponse
  • Here’s What It Takes To Maintain A High-Trust Comments Thread If You Don’t Have AddResponse
  • Automatic Sentiment Analysis & Complete Comment Management For All Your Profiles & Posts In One Place
  • Automatic Monitoring
  • Works 24/7
  • Works 24/7
  • Also Get Commercial Rights & Use AddResponse For Your Clients
  • Get A Powerful Social Media App That Lets You Turn Any Video Into A Perfect Social Media Video
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Our Customers Love Our High-Value Products And AddResponse Is No Exception
  • Live Chat Support Guarantee
  • Live Assistance Guarantee
  • Frequently Asked Questions

AddResponse Questions


What Is AddResponse?

A powerful artificial intelligence cloud-based software that monitors your posts at all times. It cleans up nagative comments curtails negative trends. Can be customized to your satisfaction.

How much sales boost can I expect?

Once you're running your Ad posts all can be monitored with AI. From that point AddResponse will keep them clean. You get more trust and more visitors. Typically you should see 15% boost in traffic.

Can I add more pages and profiles?

You can add unlimited pages and profiles in the pro version.

AddResponse Review – My Experience In Using It and How Does It Work?

AddResponse Review – I used this product as a beta tester and today I’m going to make this honest review for you.

So you can trust everything from my review.

I’m now inside the AddResponse dashboard:

You can quickly see all the accounts that you’re currently monitoring as well as the approved and held comments activity on monitored posts.

You can also see new comments and whether they are approved or held.

The left-hand sidebar is divided into these main following section: Approved Comments, Held Comments, All Post Created, Accounts linked to AddResponse, Rules, Templates and Manager User.

Let’s take a quick walkthrough to know more clearly these features.

1) Accounts

First, let’s go to Accounts tab in the sidebar, then click on the upper right Plus Icon button to add new account, so that you can link your business page you want to AddResponse Here you can choose either Facebook or Instagram platform to integrate with AddResponse:

Let’s get started with Facebook.

An pop-up will show up asking if you want to add Instagram accounts, we can do that here or we can select next to go to the Facebook accounts as below:

We can choose the Facebook pages that we want to add. It will be Affiliate Sale Page for my example:

Then click Next and great, now we’ve linked AddResponse to This Facebook Account.

That’ll take us back to the AddResponse platform. Here you can see our new page was added in the Facebook Page List:

One more step to do, we’ll go ahead and click on Add Page to add this in to AddResponse as above.

And then we can see our new Facebook page has been added like this:

You can view all posts from the facebook page here, you can also click on Trash icon to remove this page account from AddResponse.

In addition, you can click on Plus icon to Add a Dark Post which I’ll talk about at the end.

Although the page account has been added to AddResponse, it is not actually monitoring any posts yet, so what you need to do is clicking on view all post of the page account then choosing what particular post you wish AddResponse to monitor for you.

2) Posts

So let’s click on view all posts, here you can see the various posts on this facebook account you’ve just chosen:

So we’ll select the post that we want to monitor, and we’ll click on Plus icon to add post as above.

Now this post has been added to AddResponse, all the comments related will be automatically monitored by AddResponse So for example if someone should post a good comment on this post or a bad comment on this post like this:

These will each be screened by AddResponse.

Let’s go back to AddResponse and take a look at the comments.

3) Held Comments

Let’s go first to held comments, this shows us that there are two held comments as below:

If we look at the social icon, we can see that both of those held comments are on the Facebook platform. One is on the affiliate sales page that I just added, and another one is on our test account that I added earlier.

You have the option to block the user here. And you can go to facebook to view the comment with Text Post button.

Also with Clock Icon button here, you can move this comment to Approved Comment if there maybe some comments that are held but you actually don’t mind if they appear on your post.

4) Approved Comments

Again you can see various Facebook pages, there is the affiliate sales page that I just added, and the good comments that was made and automatically approved.

Also we have the options to either delete this, reply, move this to held comment or view all the comments for this post as you can see above.

The reply function is one of the things that makes AddResponse a very handy comment management tool.

By clicking on this we can simply choose a reply template and this reply comment will be automatically posted to the feed:

5) Templates

We can customize our reply templates and create new ones by clicking the templates tab here in the sidebar.

Here we can see that by using short codes as below, that will automatically substitute the person’s details for the short code.

This ensures that your comments seem personalized even though they’re from a template.

Also we can create a new template by simply clicking the add new template icon here in the top right.

Here you’ll select an account, give our template a title and type our reply with the personalized short code, then you can add template for using.

Here is my example template:

Then get back to the Approved Comments to use this template just created to reply one:

You can see it in facebook page when clicking on Text Post:

6) Rules

This gives you the chance to decide whether you want to approve this comment for your feed or not, even though the sentiment of this comment is positive.

You can create new rules by clicking the rules tab here in the sidebar.

Clicking on add new rule, so here can you select the account that you want the rule to be associated with.

Then you need to add your rule keyword, for example it can be your competitor name.

Now if someone leaves a comment on our post that mentions our competitor, even it’s positive comment, AddResponse will recognize that competitors name and hold the comment.

We may prefer not to have our competition mentioned at all on our feed

7) Manage User

If you have a team or a virtual assistant, you can go to manage user and you can add sub users:

Click on Add User to add your teammate:

Simply provide their name email and password, and then add sub user your assistant will then have full access to AddResponse to manage your comments on your behalf.

8) Dark Posts

Dark posts are page posts when you create a FB ad from scratch instead of boosting an existing post.

A dark post is not shown on your facebook feed or timeline, and can be discovered only by the people who are a part of the target group.

To add a dark post to AddResponse for monitoring, you need to go to Account tab as below:

You need to choose the page account that you want to add a dark post from, then click on Plus Icon button to add a dark post.

This opens the added dark post page as below, and to add a dark post we need the dark post ID:

You just go over to Facebook and open the ads manager, and open the actual post here you’ll be albe to find the post ID right away:

And then head back to add response and paste that into the dark post submission field and then submit:

Go to Posts Tab and you can see the dark post now appears in our add response posts page and is now being monitored for comments:

Easily get rid of the trolls, the comment hijackers, the naysayers and trust destroying comments.

Get a single interface to manage comments from all your pages and profiles.

Saves you time and lets you focus on important things like family and friends.

Create better buyer intent in the traffic that comes to your landing pages and get more conversions.

I highly recommend you to buy this one today.

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